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We are CODA

Written by Mike Connon

  • February 16, 2018

Why we class ourselves as a Multichannel Digital & Creative Design Agency

What is a multichannel creative design agency?

A multichannel creative design agency is an agency that can multitask across traditional and digital with a consistent and joined up approach, seamlessly linking integrated and multichannel marketing.

More and more customers are used to connecting with brands and services through multiple channels, whether this be traditional brochures, leaflets, point of sale or advertising or digital media such as websites, banner ads, social media, html emails and other online marketing. A multichannel agency can provide a seamless experience to the customer, regardless of which channel they choose to use.

Some agencies are traditional and do not venture in to digital media or may sub contract these services, others are digital agencies that don’t cross over to traditional marketing. A true multichannel digital and creative agency can bring the same level of in-house service, creativity, consistency and experience to all channels with a seamless approach.

The team at CODA pride ourselves at being able to say we can multitask across multiple channels bringing the same high level of creativity, branding expertise and attention to detail to all forms of marketing in-house!

Building and developing a brand is an expensive and difficult thing to do, it takes time and a great deal of effort to build loyal customers, this is why it is so important to show your customers a high quality joined up and consistent approach. Getting it wrong or out of sync in different channels can create confusion and at worse damage your brand and lose you customers, this is why your marketing should be Multichannel.

Some examples of good multichannel marketing practices include:

Changing push to pull channels, inbound rather than outbound.
Creating an integrated, multichannel marketing plan.
Understanding your customer expectations and mapping out how your customers engage with you.
Segmenting your audience to develop alternative propositions to each segment.
Combine online and offline marketing that are known to work in synergy.
Use tools to track return on investment such as analytics to assess campaign performance, social media sentiment and engagement from your customers.
Provide the customer with a higher level of service, which can lead to an increase in customer satisfaction and higher retention rates.

If you want to find out more about we can help you with Multichannel Digital and Creative Marketing contact us today on 0113 834 3668 or email us at info@wearecoda.com

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