We are CODA
We are CODA

Online Marketing

The Short Story

We actively promote the benefits of online marketing through up to date, content rich and informative websites, active blogs and news, social media campaigns, HTML email campaigns, banner advertising, search engine optimisation, pay per click advertising, Facebook and Twitter advertising and online PR as well as many other forms of online marketing to our clients.

The Long Story

Online marketing is cost effective, measureable in terms of statistics and tracking, viral by nature, easy to keep updated and extremely targeted to your customers through search terms, demographics or locality.

Once your website has been designed and built and is ready to go live you are really only at the beginning of your journey. Here at Coda we help our clients understand the need to actively market their business online through ongoing activity, what works for some businesses does not work for others, but for certain one form of online marketing will be the key to promoting and growing your business. Coda can help you discover the best forms of online marketing whether that be Search Engine Optimisation or Google Advertising. We have helped many of our clients to gain a sustainable level of business that gives good return on investment.

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