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We are CODA

Marketing for Leeds Bar The Decanter

A sophisticated wine bar set in the heart of Leeds

Launch Website


What we did

Brand Development
Social Media
HTML Email Campaign

Our brief

We were approached to do marketing for Leeds Bar The Decanter which is a sophisticated independent wine bar set in the heart of Leeds, providing excellent meat and cheese boards along with speciality wines, beers and ciders.

As a new wine bar established in 2014, the Decanter approached CODA wanting a simple but stylish brand and a website that showed off their style, their ethics and what makes them a very different experience to the many other mainstream bars on offer in the city of Leeds.

How we did it

When CODA were asked to do the marketing for Leeds Bar The Decanter, we wanted to capture the feeling and the experience of The Decanter in the brand we developed for them, many of the wines on offer can’t be bought easily off the supermarket shelf, yet they champion great quality and superb tasting wines, beers and ciders from all over the world. The atmosphere is cosy and friendly but with a sophisticated edge.

We decided to capture this with the use of a dark and dusky yet sophisticated colour palette and an eclectic use of fonts which mirrored their unusual approach. We then added further quirky illustrations to create a sense of adventure and mystery. The images we used are quite moody, dark and atmospheric which captured the Decanter perfectly.

We closely cropped images to add to the effect and a deep colour palette of reds and purples finished off the look, we introduced some further hand drawn icons to add more interest to the brand and create an urban and stylish feel.

The website allows the latest offerings to be shown and changed on a regular basis and The Decanter customers have engaged with the new brand with many thousands of people following on Facebook and engaging with the new website. As well as the website CODA went on to develop promo postcards, menus, advertising, banner ads, HTML Email templates and we are currently developing a Decanter smart phone App.

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