We are CODA
We are CODA

Design Services

We offer a whole range of design related services

From corporate identity to packaging, websites to PR and everything in between.Website sponsored by: Trusty BTC – A guide to selling bitcoin online on TrustyBtc.com, Its a Bitcoin exchange and trading partner that will pay you with your desired payment method.

Branding & Brand Management


The words brand and branding are thrown around liberally in different contexts and with different meanings in mind, so we thought we’d ask, ‘what exactly is a brand?’

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Corporate Identity & Logo Design

Quite often the start of a brand or re-brand is the corporate identity. CODA has many years experience developing corporate identity from start-up brands to modernising…

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Website design


At CODA we believe that the websites we create have to generate a significant return on your investment. We achieve this through concentrating on understanding your business…

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HTML email campaigns

We have created many HTML email campaigns for a variety of industries. We have recently developed several content managed email…

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Blogs & Social Media


Our blogging software of choice is WordPress. Here at CODA we’ve recently been busy creating quite a few great looking blogs for our clients….

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Online Marketing & Advertising

CODA love online marketing. We actively promote the benefits of websites, blogs, social media, HTML emails, banner ads and pay per click, Facebook ads, online PR and many other forms of online marketing to our clients…

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We have worked closely with many clients on all forms of printed and promotional literature, from brochure design to catalogues and direct mail to stationery.

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