We are CODA
We are CODA

Retail Assist

IT Services and Solutions for omnichannel retail

Launch Website

What we did

Brand Development
Fully Responsive Website
Online Marketing
Social Media
Corporate Literature

Our brief

Retail Assist are an award winning company who provide IT services and solutions for omnichannel retail.

Retail Assist wanted to improve and redesign their brand to give them a more modern and up to date profile through multiple marketing channels but initially by re-developing a new fully responsive and re-branded website.

How we did it

The initial website design was done using the corporate colours of Retail Assist, lime green, a darker forest green, grey and white. We wanted to keep the website very visual by creating lots of icons and infographics as well as fully illustrated graphics to show how various parts of the business work. This was a way of showing what Retail Assist do whilst getting the message across in a very stylish but easy to understand way.

We used imagery from the customers of Retail Assist to add impact for banners on the website and seperated the design into blocks of colours so we could get lots of information on the pages without the design looking too cluttered.

We did this by using alternate colours of lime, forest green, grey and white to add interest to each section of the site. One important design aspect when creating Retail Assist’ website was to consider the way it would work across all devices by making it fully responsive on desktops, tablets and smart phones.

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