We are CODA
We are CODA
  • January 25, 2012

How about a shiny new blog to start the new year?

Here at CODA we’ve recently been busy creating quite a few great looking blogs for our clients. Blogs are a useful way of letting your customers know what your up to and lets them get involved too. We’ve also been talking to our clients about the great potential benefits of blogging.

Search engines love relevant content

You may have heard the term – Content is King. Useful content on your website will help your ranking on Google. Google’s job is to present searchers with the most useful, relevant content in response to their searches. A blog is a tool that’s built to be regularly updated with fresh content and search engines recognise this.

Well maintained blogs are indexed by Google more often.

Google looks at updated blogs more often than other websites. Blog posts, are often indexed within two minutes of being published.

By maintaining a blog on your business website and  as a part of an online marketing strategy, you can encourage search engines such as Google to visit your websites more often.

A blog is a great space for company updates & related articles

No business wants an overload of text and information on thier website, no matter how much search engines would love for them to put more content in the form of articles throughout the site. Sometimes you just want to keep a business website simple and clean – a few pages describing what you do and how you do it. A blog provides a great space to put all of that other information on your site without cluttering up the main pages of your website. Not only that but a Blogs give you the chance to organise information into neat categories, tags, and archives. Adding a link from your website navigation to your blog will neatly place that information on your site for visitors to read through at will.

A blog is a great way to engage potential customers

A business blog often tends to be more informal than the rest of the website. This can provide a great opportunity to engage potential customers and be more informal and personal in your approach. You can often break down a very formal tone used in the rest of a website in a blog and this enables your business to connect much better with your customers.

Bloggers often link to other bloggers or pages on the internet, which is great from an search engine perspective because Google loves back links mainly because it means another third party rates your site enough to link to it.

In addition a blog encourages readers to comment which can potentially serve as a channel to gain new leads and customers.

Blogs get links

If you write useful or entertaining articles as opposed to just promotional material on your business blog, chances are you’ll find someone who will link to this information. Not only do people link naturally to useful, engaging blog posts, but blog articles can also be submitted to hundreds of social bookmarking websites.

Blogs quite often gives you a traffic boost to your website

Search engines like Google value fresh, up-to-date content. They often rank brand new blog posts higher than other articles for relevant keywords because people are searching not only for good content, but more importantly for fresh and current content. This means that your website blog has the potential to get a nice traffic boost until it becomes outdated.

The finer details of blogging

The benefits of having a business blog are great. Businesses should review their online marketing strategy and decide if blogging can be a viable option for them.

Give CODA a ring today on 0113 834 3668 if you would like to find out more about a Blog for your company or online marketing.

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