We are CODA
We are CODA
  • September 7, 2012

Another great pitch win for Coda: The ASDA Lookbook 2013!

CODA were asked to create new concepts for the ASDA Lookbook 2013 in a 3 way pitch against some tough competition. A lot of hard work went into researching, planning, sketching, and designing and we are pleased to announce we have been rewarded by securing the project for 2013.

We felt it was time to design a new layout, format and style for the Spring/Summer & Autumn/Winter 2013 editions. To help the Lookbook stand out amongst other style guides, we’re considering unusual finishing touches and innovative formats. The design is classic and clean and we’re changing the balance in the photography. This time the main focus will be on large authoritative Hero shots. The imagery will capture the main colour schemes that determine each range, rather than using coloured blocks and textured panels. This ensures the spreads look less busy and more sophisticated with fluid colour changes dictated by the products themselves. We have also included subtle design elements such as font colours and the use of graphical key lines, to differentiate ranges.

The new design came together after extensive research, intense brain storming and heavy coffee drinking! We can’t wait to get our teeth in to this project, we do have a few other little design nuggets up our sleeve which we’d love to enlighten you with but all will be revealed when we complete the first edition!

Watch this space for a sneaky peek at the 2013 ASDA Lookbook soon!

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