We are CODA
We are CODA
  • May 8, 2012

Coda re-brand Loop alongside Yorkshire Water

Loop Customer Service Ltd is Yorkshire Water’s Bradford-based customer service contact centre. Loop invests heavily in its employees, giving them flexi-working hours, great staff training and engaging with local communities and charities. As a result, Loop is consistently in the UK’s Top 100 best companies to work for.




CODA has worked for Loop for a long time but recently we were asked to do a complete re-brand for the 650-strong call centre. This included all the normal re-branding, including logos, brochures and marketing material, but it also required us to revamp the interior design of Loop’s offices. We painted walls and created stunning over-sized canvases with key messages and helped make the offices an even more attractive place to work.

It’s unusual for a corporate design brief to encompass interior design work too, but it’s an area we’re increasingly getting involved in. After all, a brand needs to translate visually into every area of a business and this includes the physical premises – whether it’s a shop, restaurant or office. Historically, branding has always encompassed signage but in today’s difficult marketplace it’s even more vital for businesses to make sure that every element of their brand is consistent.

Office-based businesses need to keep down their employee turnover, so the office space is more important than ever, ensuring that employees enjoy their place of work and are as productive as possible. Often, some simple, low-cost interior revamps can make all the difference, whether it’s introducing funky, comfortable new furniture or putting branding and key messages on the walls, the results create a buzz both internally and externally.

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