We are CODA
We are CODA
  • May 11, 2012

Coda Launches Avid Farm Shop and Refreshes Avid Organics

Avid Organics is another of CODA’s customers that has experienced great success. Karen Close, founder of Avid Organics, started as a Vegan and Vegetarian Cafe in Holmfirth and then went on to create an organic vegetable box scheme around South and West Yorkshire.

Avid has grown and grown and shortly will encompass a new farm shop. Avid Organics Boxes will continue and will operate from the new ‘Avid Farm Shop’. In addition to the Organic Box scheme Avid Farm Shop will be selling locally sourced organic vegetables, artisan bread & baked products and other fresh produce in a fantastic new deli, there will also be a butchery selling excellent local high quality meat and a fabulous coffee shop offering home-made cakes and coffee served by trained baristas.

In the near future Avid Farm Shop will expand to include nature trails and educational visits to the farm. The farm shop expects to draw in customers from as far afield as Sheffield and Leeds.

CODA have created a new website for Avid which has just been launched. We’ve had great fun designing the website, which is quirky, eye-catching but conveys the important message that Avid is all about locally sourced, top quality, fresh organic produce.

The new Avid Farm Shop opens on 2nd June 2012. Checkout the new website here! http://www.avidfarmshop.co.uk

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